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Master of Nothing

Posted 09.25.17 by

Written by Coach Trevor James

Jack of all Trades, Master of None

This quote is usually a complement, meaning you have the ability to know a little bit about everything. In today’s world, this is a trait that is greatly admired, whether it’s looking over a resumé or being useful around the house. I am going to look at it from a different angle.

These days, most people try to multi-task in order to be as efficient as possible. But, what if I told you that this approach is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing. What if I told you the more you try to accomplish at the same time, the less you actually get done. (Sorry ,too many Matrix quotes).

As of late, a lot of studies are leaning towards committing yourself to one task at a time. If you are at work answering emails, then do just that and nothing else. Set a timer, and don’t veer from that task until the timer runs out; emails for 30 minutes nonstop. Or maybe it’s family time, when the day is winding down and its time to make dinner, do that and only that; no TV, no phones, just cooking and getting ready for dinner. I can say that, as much as I like not having children of my own yet, I can make small strides in making this, and other tasks, a more focused activity.

How does this relate to what we do in the gym? A lot of us really only have an hour or so to be in the gym. Don’t try and do anything else but be the best you can for the hour you are here. If you have more than an hour, take it as a bonus. Get a little extra work in after class, take some time for actual mobility beforehand. As soon as you can stay focused on every step you take in class, that’s when you will truly get the results you desire.