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Posted 08.10.17 by

This past week some of the fittest athletes in the world went to Madison Wisconsin and competed in the CrossFit Games. The new level of talent that was there from all age groups and teams was simply amazing. To witness what is a new level of fitness is breathtaking. You had teenage boys and girls doing what the highest level of specialist and the masters were continually showing that fitness is a fountain of youth. I feel like I could go on and on describing these feats of fitness that occurred. However, that would get a little off topic of what this blog post is about.

So, I want to shift gears a bit to talk about realization with the current. Throughout the games as I talked to our athletes that were competing it was easy to see how you can get wrapped up in the immediate situation, and not be able to see the forest through the trees. I would often here, “I am in 10th place,” etc. and this was said in a negative light. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the competitors mindset of wanting to win. When you put so much into something, and you are a competitor by nature, then you want to win. Anything short of the top spot causes anger and frustration for competitors. However, There is also a time when you need to step back and think, wow, I am 10th in the entire WORLD for this age group.

I think too often we focus on absolutes. Too often we look at where we are, with this fixed mindset on what we think we need to be. Therefore, anything short of that is a failure. Instead to being able to take a step back and APPRECIATE all the hard work and sacrifices that were put in, and the small steps of victory that were made.

I think this can circle back to anything we are doing. Whether this is trying loose five pounds, trying to get a bit stronger, trying to get a bit fitter, working on getting better sleep, trying to improve relationships, etc. If you live in absolutes then unless you are the best in your mind you will be failing. To live this way will cause a great amount of disappointment. As a competitor I am not saying to be happy with second place. What I am saying is to be able to appreciate how far you have come, and where you are. The appreciation will cause you to find more victories and more opportunities, and more ENJOYMENT in what you are doing.

So, learn to set goals, attack each each with all you have, and along the way appreciate where you are are and what you are doing. The appreciation will keep you coming back for more.

Coach Jay