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CFM Member Spotlight

Posted 08.09.17 by

Member Spotlight: Xavier Atienzar

Q:When did you start playing beach volleyball?
A:I started to play beach volleyball competitively about six years ago.

Q:When did you start at CFM?
A:I started CrossFit mid September 2016

Q:When did you start seeing results from CrossFit carrying over to your sport?
A:I started to notice improvements in my game around April/May; I noticed that my endurance went up and my vertical had increased (it also helped that I had lost about 10lbs from March to May).

Q:What is your favorite kind of workout? Heavy sleds and carries or a nasty gymnastics triplet like Cindy?
A:My favorite kind of workouts are definitely the trips, I’m a big fan of the Murph, and low key like burpees.

Q:What would you say to people who are nervous about starting CrossFit?
A:For people who are nervous about starting CrossFit, I’d tell them that we have the best/smartest coaches in the area who will help anyone reach their potential, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished athlete.

Featured: Xavier Atienzar