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Strength Training According to Miley the Frenchie

Posted 07.19.17 by

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“Strength Training According to Miley the Frenchie” 

By: Coach Trevor

Miley the Frenchie has become a staple in the gym and I believe has found a place in everyones heart. Although she is known to be cute, she also has earned the reputation of being “jacked”. Sculpted shoulders and chest, powerful legs and much more athletic than your normal four legged puppy. 

This got me thinking. How? How is Miley so muscular and strong for just being a puppy and doing what puppies do? She doesn’t lift weights, or follow any strength training program. She doesn’t know how to squat, deadlift or press. She can run like the wind but she doesn’t know how to follow rest intervals in order to maximize her gains….

So I broke it down. Basically her physiology as it concerns strength and conditioning is the same as a human. Her Musclo-skeletal system and Cardio-Pulmonary systems are the same as humans. So what is she doing differently than me that makes her so very yoked?

Lets make a couple points:

  1. Nutrition: Whatever she is doing, 95% of the time it’s the exact same, and thanks to her mom (Mandy Drummond) she gets a high quality meal in the morning and the evening. Some days intermittent snacks. These meals consist of a starch, most of the time sweet potatoes, and a high quality meat source. Between these two pieces all three macro nutrient bases are covered. (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates) With her gut being slightly different than humans she can get away with not having as much variety. But this allows her to sustain her activity on a daily basis and not support excess body fat. 
  2. Training: So when we break down training like we said before strength training isn’t really possible without posable thumbs. So how does she build those boulder shoulders? Very basically if we don’t have the ability to produce force on another object, we have to use our bodyweight as resistance. Because she is so small the way she creates power to build larger muscle is through extremely explosive jumping, sprinting, and running. Usually if she is going anywhere she likes to go there fast. But good thing is its not for very long. Short sprint intervals can be just as effective at building muscle as lifting heavy weights. and when she just can’t seem to go hard anymore she is either sprawled out on the tile floor or hiding under the front desk. Taking appropriate rest intervals. If it’s not hard plyometric efforts than it’s a solid game of tug of war, here we can get a little of the same things we get during strength training. Think heavy sled pulls or pushes. Huge benefits for all sorts of weights and times.
  3. Recovery: As we began to talk about in the training portion is her ability to self monitor her rest. She doesn’t have a clock telling her to rest or when to play. She listens to her body. If she is tired she will rest right where she is. If she needs to sleep she will pass out in a matter of minutes…unless there is a PVC pipe anywhere near her. Averaging anywhere between 12-15 hours of sleep a day will allow her body to recover and build the muscle it needs to keep playing at the highest level possible. 

If humans could only take a page out of the Book of Strength and Conditioning accord to Miley the Frenchie then I think most of us would make some much more serious gains in the gym. 


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