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Hydrocephalus Awareness

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Crossfit Milford and David Saldanah are hosting a fundraising workout to raise awareness for Hydrocephalus and September 16, 9:00 am at Crossfit Milford. WOD for Hydrocephalus is appropriate for everyone. Workouts will be scaled so ALL can attend. Registration begins at 8:15amMonetary donations are also accepted at the door. All proceeds go to Hydrocephalus Pediatric Foundation. 


When David Saldanah was 8 months old, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a very 
uncommon medical condition that causes spinal fluid to build up in the brain. I have been
very fortunate to live a normal life, David says. Hydrocephalus is an abnormal
accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within cavities in the brain called ventricles.
Cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the ventricles and in the choroid plexus. It circulates
through the ventricular system in the brain and is absorbed into the bloodstream.
David says, I joined Crossfit Milford in April of 2014. I wanted a tough workout that would
give me satisfaction. My doctors felt that weight lifting could be extremely dangerous for
me, but I wanted too explore it and see if I could do it. To my surprise I fell in love with it,
Jason Leydon, Colin Geraghty and Jeff Funaro have all helped me along my journey in
Crossfit. I have even made it to the level of Crossfit Milford competitor and hope too make
the Crossfit games. I didnt think that was possible a couple of years ago.
Crossfit Milford believes in a strong sense of community and this fundraiser marks another
event to raise vital dollars and raise awareness to important causes. All in the community
are welcome. There will be a raffle with some great prizes and a workout that anyone can
do. Join us! Also here is a link to hydrocephauls pedatric page where all donations will go to:


  1. I also have Hydrocephalus and would love to attend. I also workout at La Fitness at three or more time a week in Montgomeryville . Please remind all of us.

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