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“Those who drink the water must remember those who dug the well.”
No matter what you are doing and where you are doing it, chances are it has already been done.  One thing I always discuss with coaches is the understanding of the history.  There is nothing new that is being created or done.  There are not new energy systems being created.  There is not a new muscle fiber being found.  The key to growth and development lies within understanding the why’s and how’s of all those who have put down the ground work, and then try to continually build upon their foundation.
So, how does this notion line up with you?
“Growth is stimulated by wonder”
~another unknown
Simply put; reflection.  Reflection of yourself, your actions, your pursuits and your why’s.
There is a saying; “the saddest summary of life is could have, might have, should have.”  At The beginning of each day you reflect and ask yourself how you can make this a great day.  At the end of each day, “did you?”  We owe it to ourselves, and those we care about, to stand upon the shoulders of those before us and continue to get the most out of the gifts we have.  By doing this you will lead the way and provide a stronger foundation and base for those who look to you.
Each day look to do the following;
  1.  Reflect.  Do this in the morning and in the evening.  This is your checklist to truly judge your actions and pursuits of your goals and life.
  2.  Ask why.  Unfortunately it was programmed in our minds to be safe.  To often we have heard the word “can’t,” and many reasons why we shouldn’t.  Change that to a “why not.”  Growth is stimulated by wonder.  Growth is stimulated by simply asking questions and then looking for an answer.
  3.  Take a step to what your heart is telling you.  The easiest way to start down a new area of growth is to just start stepping towards it.
~Coach Jay


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