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Ben Callahan

Posted 07.13.17 by

Ben Callahan is an amazing 10 year old boy who’s life was called back to God after he lived it to it’s fullest. Ben, son of David and Paula Callahan, lost his life last week.

I know Dave very well through the CrossFit Community, and I always had a deep respect for Dave as an athlete, man and father. Dave is an amazing athlete, and is always around talking to everyone and cheering everyone on. I did not know Ben very well, but after the vigil I feel like I knew him as closely as I do anybody else. It was completely moved and inspired to listen how Ben lived his life and moved others to be better. Even in Ben’s passing he is still living out his mission set forth from God, as he has inspired me to be a better man!

His father Dave gave one of the most moving and heart felt speeches I have ever heard. I was moved to tears multiple times and I left the vigil in a deep reflection.

This Saturday we will be running the workout that was put together in celebration of Ben’s life. However, I recommend everyone getting up to Shoreline Athletics to hear Dave talk and support the community.

The schedule is as follows:
8am – 9am open workout for the public
9-9:30am Dave and family will speak
9:30- 10:30am open workout number 2

The workout will be:
in Teams of 3
2 total rounds:
3 minute max DL @ 185/125
1 minute rest
3 minute max box jumps
1 minute rest
3 minute max stones
1 minute rest
3 minute max pull ups
1 minute rest
5 minute max burpees
1 minute rest

#2 was Ben’s name
3 is for the three brothers
5 is the family of five

Family friends have set up sites to help donate to the Callahan family. This is for them to use in anyway they want to help with their recovery from this. I hope to see everyone out in full effect at CFM or Shoreline Athletics!

Coach Jay


  1. The Callahan’s are amazing people. I have been lucky enough to call Paula a friend for most of my life and through her I have gotten the privilege of calling Dave a friend as well. Crossfit is more than just power cleans and burpees, it’s about community. The Callahan’s find strength in their unwavering faith but they also find strength in the amazing Shoreline Crossfit family they have developed. I urge all CFM members to come down on Saturday to celebrate the life of an amazing boy, Ben Callahan. Let’s honor Ben’s life Crossfit style. #2 in our hearts forever!!

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