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A Handful of Dirt

Posted 07.31.17 by

Written by Coach Jeff

New York Yankees rookie right fielder Aaron Judge may be the new face of Major League Baseball. He has enjoyed great success over the first half of the season, leading the league in homeruns and RBIs (runs batted in), as well as being one of the league leaders in batting average. While he has sky rocketed in fame and popularity, even he falls into a slump once in awhile. One thing this rookie does during a given at bat in a game is reach down, grab a handful of dirt, crush it up, then toss it aside. According to the slugger, this is his reminder to focus on the next pitch, not agonize over the last one.

I think this is a good reminder for all of us to continue looking forward and focusing on improvement, instead of dwelling over negative things that we can’t control. Things don’t always go as planned outside or inside the walls of this gym, but we must strive to block all of that out and move on to that which will grow and improve us.

This is just a thought that I had when reading an article about Aaron Judge and I really believe it applies. When something negative comes your way, grab your handful of dirt, crush it up, and toss it aside. If it can work for one of the best Major League Baseball players, it can work for you.