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Make Stress Your Friend

Posted 06.08.17 by

I know.. bullshit!

I was thinking the same thing as this thought pondered in my head. “There is no way I can make stress my friend.”

Then, I thought about stress from another perspective. This perspective comes from Stoicism, and it centers around YOU! Meaning, you can never control what happens to you. However, you can always control your respond.

Think about that for a minute. When you feel stressed out it always comes from your emotional response to a situation you have no control over.

For instance, you can’t control “Harry” who always bothers you at work. You can’t stop a car from cutting in front of you and not saying sorry. You can’t stop the looks that people give you when you are walking down the street looking fabulous. Out of all of these situations, you can probably sit back and from an outside looking in perspective see your self boiling with anger and loosing your cool.

What often transpires after these situations? Well, most of the time they carry over into other areas of your life that you are trying to improve upon. For instance, you get super stressed out and then go home and are in a bad mood around those who you love. This list can keep going on, detailing how someone or something else creates the stress in your life that pulls from your happiness with yourself and others.

So, keep this in mind…. you have full, complete control over your emotions and how you respond to every situation. If driving makes you stressed out, then take the path of being a courteous driver, etc. Learn how to have a resilient mind set and reframe the situations you find yourself in.

Now, let’s tackle a few of the common issues that cause stress;
1. Financials. Always look to live in and/or under your means. Never try to “keep up with the Joneses.” Have things for your life, do not live your life for things.
2. Community. Surround yourself with people on your same path. They say you are the sum of the five people you hang around with the most. If you wan’t to be a drug addict hang around drug addicts. If you want to be healthy, active and a good person, then find people who follow those principles.
3. Movement. The more sedentary you are the more stress you put on your body. For that matter, if you are active, watch the amount of stress you apply depending on other life situations. Make sure you look to build muscle, have endurance and move well.

Now, I know this isn’t going to happen overnight. Believe me, this is something I continue to work on. It involves giving up some control, putting aside your ego, and for that matter even surrendering a little to loss of control. However, once you can fully accept this and also accept that you are in ONE HUNDRED PERCENT control of your emotions and how you respond to every situation you will then start to realize that you have more control and power then you initially thought when you started this journey.
(ideas and concepts taken from Wired to Eat and Opportunity is the Way)

Onward and upward
Coach Jay


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