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How Important is Sleep?

Posted 06.14.17 by

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We are asked as coaches on a daily basis, “how can I get stronger? How can I lose weight? How can I get better?” The number one answer is always sleep. If that is not in order is doesn’t matter how high quality your protein is and how hard you push yourself in the gym. Sleep is the only time in which our body is 100% focused on recovering. Even when your are relaxing eating thinking that your are refueling your body, you are actually expending energy to digest that food and break it down. So lets keep things simple when it comes to sleep.
1. Create a routine.
– Whatever you like to do before bed that starts to put in motion a relaxing atmosphere do so. This means shutting off all blue light at least 30+ minutes before hitting the hay. (Blue light is anything with a screen, TV, computer, phone, ipad, and no the light dimmer doesn’t do anything regarding sleep)
2. Sleep in a cold, dark room.
– Unless you plan on going to sleep when it gets dark and getting up with the sunrise. Then you have to block out the light that will cause you to rise before you want to. Also during some portions of REM sleep your body temperature can actually rise so having a cold room can help you stay asleep.
3. NO caffeine after 12PM.
– Yes some may hang me for this one. But Caffeine is a stimulant and not everyone processes caffeine fast enough where it is 100% out of your system before bed time arrives. Find what works for you. But less Caffeine and more sleep is always the best route.
Coach Trever