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We Ask You to Take Weight Off Because We Care

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We Ask You to Take Weight Off Because We Care

by Coach Jeffunnamed

A lot of times as an athlete we have the desire to lift heavier.  Getting bigger and stronger is a goal of many people who workout/lift weights/train on a daily basis.  That is the point, right?  However, you’ll need three things to be present in a given lift to ensure safety and proper progression.  Those things are strength/mobility, confidence, and comfort.  If you are missing any one of this prerequisites, you increase your risk of injury.  As coaches, we ask you to strive for proficiency in the movement before adding load and intensity.  Why?  Because we care about you.  Overhead squats, snatches, cleans.  These are just three of many movements that require a level of mobility and stability to be executed safely.  If you cannot perform them with adequate mechanics prior to adding weight, then loading the barbell to your near max will make these lifts extremely difficult and unsafe.  Our goal here at Crossfit Milford is to keep you safe while making you fitter.  If you injure yourself, nether of those things can be accomplished.  So, when the coaches ask you to take weight off of a bar, it’s not because we think you aren’t tough enough, it’s because we care!



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