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Posted 05.11.17 by

Hey CrossFit Milford Community –

I wanted to shift gears with this weekly blog post and talk to everyone more about some awesome events we have coming up, and things to keep on your radar.

Next week, starting Friday May 19 and ending Sunday May 21st, will be the CrossFit East Regional event. This is the next stage in the CrossFit Games Season that your team has been training for all year. We will be going up on Thursday and getting ready to compete on Friday morning, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. We hope to see as many people from our community there as that is what we look for in the stands. It really is an amazing site to look up from the competition floor and see everyone their cheering for you. We have a bunch of CrossFit Milford shirts coming up for this event that a lot of people pre ordered and we will have a few extra’s if anybody wants to purchase one.

Rock Climbing:
On June 3rd we will be doing a Rock Climbing Day down at the Fairfield Sports Complex. Our time slot is in the afternoon. The cost for this is 25$ per person. This is going to be an awesome hour of getting outside our comfort zone, making some fitness and learning how to climb mountains! Mandy will have a sign up up sheet at the front desk. Make sure you put your name down on the list if you want to go, because we need to give exact numbers to the complex for the event.

Member Appreciation Day:
In July the coaching staff will be holding a member appreciation day for the community. We will be holding a FREE 2-3 hour seminar for the members. Each coach will be running a seminar around a few topics (rope climbing, kipping movements, double under, rowing, ski erg) We will break up the members into groups and rotate through 30 minute seminars on each movement. We will have an exact day and start time for this soon!

I hope everyone has a great end of the week!

Coach Jay