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Staying on course in the summer

Posted 05.25.17 by

With the summer time fast approaching that means the onslaught of barbecues, picnics, parties, and what I like to refer to as “living life.”  However, that also means the ability to stay on course with healthy eating can get a lot harder for most people.  It is much easier to grab a beer, head down to happy hour, and have bbq’s or parties happening every weekend. So, with that I wanted to get everyone a few tips on how to stay the course as best you can, without sacrificing the pleasures of life and relationships.
  1.  Plan ahead.  If you know you have an event coming up on a Friday or Saturday night then plan ahead for the week and really dial in what you are eating up until that day.  The best way to know you are dialed in is to track what you take in each day.  Stick to your plan for calories, macros, and nutrients and consume the right foods.  Planning ahead can alleviate a lot of stress and also set you at ease knowing that you were on track for the other days.
  2.  If you are going to an event and you know that you are going to let loose a little bit then look to consume a higher dosage of vegetables in the day.  This will do a few things.  It will keep your carbohydrates a bit lower, but will also, and more importantly, ensure you get some good micronutrients in.
  3.  Make sure you are staying hydrated on ALL days.
  4.  Learn to enjoy fruit based desserts.  This will be a better alternative to the cakes and pastries.
  5.  Choose healthy snack options.  This will come in handy for day time picking.  Plan ahead with healthy choices, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  6.  Try to limit your alcohol.  This is the fastest way to stack on the calories.
  7.  If you have a craving for Ice cream look to make a fruit smoothie.  Sometimes getting in the sensation of a certain texture of food is all you need.
  8.  If you are eating out at restaurants then make smart choices.  Look to choose foods that are in season.  Remember that the portion sizes are often bigger then normal portions, so don’t feel like you need to eat everything.  Also, do not go to the restaurant hungry.  If you go in hungry then you will usually choose to eat the bread and other appetizers that would normally not be consumed.
  9.  Grill your food.  Get outside and throw the meat on the grill!
  10.  Play outside!  This doesn’t involve eating, however basing your activities around play will off set the feeling of wanting to eat out of boredom or something to do.
I hope these ten simple tips will help this summer.  The key is to enjoy life, and have fun.  The more you plan for these events the better you will set yourself up for success.
Don’t skip out on experiences or feel like you need to weigh and measure food when you are at the beach.  There are plenty of ways to stay healthy without pulling out the scale.
In the next post I will go over how to use your hand to size your portions correctly.
Coach Jay