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Change your thoughts and change your life

Posted 04.20.17 by

1. act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage at something.
2. avoid (something undesirable)
3. deceive or trick

As you can see the definition of cheat(ing) has nothing but negative connections. Thus anything you tie it to takes part in something negative in your life. Whether you want to admit or not, if you cheat on something then there are underlying issues that bring out negativity tied to that action.

However, how often do we find ourselves “cheating” on things. For instance; with nutrition… “I am having a cheat day,” or “I am having a cheat meal.” What about your health and fitness? Do you take “cheat days?”

The issue is this, no matter how you think you might view a certain pillar in your life, if you connect “cheating” to that pillar you then weaken it. Once you weaken that pillar then the ability that you have to lean on it and stay true to it will weaken.

Remember this, the most contagious thing in the world is a negative action.

The second you connect negativity to ANYTHING in your life you then start to weaken your ability to stand on it and the strength it has under you.

When it comes to food, do not look badly on things. That is the easiest way to shift focus from what should be a lifestyle to a diet. When you look at health and fitness, do not look badly on yourself when you miss days as that turns it into a chore and easier to stop. Instead, focus on fitness and the gym as another pillar to your life. Do connect your marriage or your family to negative emotions, because then you miss the OPPORTUNITY you have with them. Your underlying thoughts control your future actions. Understand what is truly a pillar in your life and your ability to stand taller and truer will only strengthen.

~Coach Jay


  1. One thing I learned about the “Cheat Day” is that you actually lose two days.

    1. The day you cheat.
    2. The next day recovering.

    Now, if I can begin to apply everything I “know” to everything I “do” I’ll be in business!

    It’s great to be back!

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