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Feet in the dirt

Posted 02.02.17 by

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occur while you are climbing.”
~Andy Rooney
You often hear the words “trust the process” when people are referring to a certain path that they are on.  This path may be through fitness, lifestyle changes, nutrition, etc.  Those words are often thrown around by many stating that good old fashion, “eyes forward approach” of just doing the work and not worrying about anything else.
I do think that this is the right attitude to have, however I also believe that you have to enjoy this process.  Each day you need to wake up and realize the opportunity you have and what you get to do.  From there you can step forward with the work that needs to be done and OWN it.
“Head in the clouds and feet in the dirt”
Gary Vaynerchuk
I realize that my last few blog post have been on intrinsic motivational factors, as well as the ability to sort and prioritize your focus areas around your “genius.”  However, I felt like didn’t touch on the emotional connection to the “work” aspect of reaching your goals.
How do you know that you are on the right path and pursuing the right passion?  Simple; you absolutely love the day to day work that needs to be put in to achieve it.  To add another aspect to this, you even love the things not so exciting because you have the ability to see the value in it.
That is what the above quotes are referring to.  With each of your goals, or pursuits, find the joy in the everyday climb.  Search for your growth and happiness in the effort that you put in. There are no grades to your work.  There is no right or wrong.  There is only the guideline of “did this get me closer to the top?”  If it didn’t then, “did I learn from this?”  From there, “time to move forward.”
Also realize that when negative emotions come into play what they are stemming from.  This comes down to ownership of yourself.  For instance, I know that it is easier for me to have negative emotions when I’m tired, or when I try to control things that I can’t.  Once I am able to take a step back and know it’s okay to have these emotions, then find where them stem from I can then work on moving forward.
Ownership leads to accountability which leads to progress.
So, learn to find the happiness in the daily climb to your mountain top, and search for the areas of growth.  Through that you will always find yourself on the right path.
Onward –
Coach Jay