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Be Thankful for Being Healthy

Posted 02.07.17 by



John Krouzil walked in the gym for his first week of classes since having shoulder surgery.  John and I have become close through our mutual hobby of being tortured New York Giants fans. He and I immediately began a long overdue conversation about the underperformance of our favorite team during this season’s NFL playoffs.  The conversation quickly switched to the success of his surgery and how he was feeling about it.  “It just feels weird” was his assessment.  “It makes you realize what you take for granted.”  This is something I think about frequently with my health.  How often do we catch a head cold and have a totally clogged nose? Have you ever strained or hurt a rib and been in dire pain every time you laughed or sneezed?  These are major inconveniences that make you long for the days when nothing was bothering you.  To this I say, be thankful for being healthy.  During this winter season, many people came down with either the flu, a stomach bug, or both.  Hopefully we have all gotten over these illnesses.  If you have, take a second to sit back in your chair, breathe in and out through your nose and be appreciative that it isn’t clogged any more.  Now ponder for a moment some the unfortunate times in your life when you were suffering from an ailment or two and appreciate the fact that you are now injury free.  I hope everyone reading this will add to their lives many instances of reflection on days when they weren’t feeling optimally healthy.  Think about all the great things that you take for granted and finally, be thankful for being healthy.


-Coach Jeff